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Site last updated on 10/19/17

We view "Hollywood" as one of the great pigeons of the past two decades. Recognizing in 2004 that he was likely nearing the end of his breeding career, we acquired five exceptional sons and daughters for the purpose of concentrating this unique set of genes into our program. Together with another half dozen grandchildren, we now have one of the strongest collections of "Hollywood" pigeons available in the U.S.

Many of you are already familiar with the fabulous record of "Hollywood" and his dam, "Breeder's Best". For those who are less familiar with these two birds, let me summarize their amazing accomplishments.

"Breeder's Best" is a Hofken hen that Mike Ganus brought to the United States. Prior to coming to this country, she produced three different pigeons that won either a national race or was named a national Ace Pigeon. "Hollywood" is her most famous son, but she also bred "E.T". who was1st National from Montlucon (400 miles) and the fastest of 90,000 pigeons. A son won 1st National and a daughter was 3rd National Ace Pigeon WHZB All Holland. A sister of "Breeder's Best" was 1st at Corbeil against 33,000 pigeons. A daughter of "Breeder's Best" bred the 1st place IF Convention Race in 2000 winning over $10,000. According to Mike she has produced more than 20 foundation breeders and is responsible for more than 100 1st prize winners.

"Hollywood" was an incredible racer. As Mike said, he was "the pigeon the whole world was after!" He was his club's Ace Pigeon four years running (1994, 1995, 1996 & 1997), placing in the top 5 an incredible 34 times. Among those were 14 1st places. He was 1st National Old Male Ace Pigeon of Holland for 1997 and would have won the award in 1994 too, but his results were not submitted. As a breeder, he has been magnificent. He has produced more than 25 top foundation breeders and more than 100 grandchildren that have won races.

These are some of the key birds in this group that we are breeding from (details about each bird coming soon):

1563-AU-02-GFL - BB Cock
75% Hollywood & 63% Breeder's Best

Michael J
1486-AU-02-GFL - BB Cock
75% Hollywood & 63% Breeder's Best

1229-AU-03-GFL - BBWF Cock
75% Hollywood & 63% Breeder's Best

GG (Golden Genes)
1247-AU-03-GFL - BB Hen
75% Hollywood & 63% Breeder's Best

Clone Maker
0080-AU-99-GFL - BBWFSP Hen
75% Breeder's Best & 50% Hollywood

Dow Jones
0870-AU-02-GFL - BBWFSP Cock
38% Breeder's Best & 25% Hollywood

0871-AU-02-GFL - BB Cock
38% Breeder's Best & 25% Hollywood

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